fluxies Wearable Hot Water Bottle for Period Cramps

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The fluxies period hot water bottle is covered with a plush faux-fur material, to keep you warm and comfy when you need it most. The extra-long, wrap around design features an adjustable tie, meaning it can fit any size and sit comfortably around your tummy, back, or anywhere else you experience pain or discomfort on your period. 

It also includes a handy front pocket which can be used to warm your hands, hold your phone, or even keep your favourite snacks close by!

Our period hot water bottle is made from natural sustainable rubber and manufactured to the British Standard 1970:2012. This means it is accredited and safe to use as a way to sooth period cramps without medication. 

Heat applied to painful areas can help to slow muscle contractions, as well as encouraging your body to relax. The extra long, wearable hot water bottle is 71 cm long and is the perfect way to relieve period pain and cramps naturally. It isn’t just useful for periods, but can relieve pain from exercise and other causes as well.

Try the fluxies hot water bottle today, and see what it can do for you!


  • Rubber water bottle: natural sustainable rubber and manufactured to the British Standard 1970:2012
  • Loop & Tie: 100% Cotton
  • Cover: 100% Polyester

Wash and care:

When not in use, be sure to drain any water out of your hot water bottle, and store it in a dark place. Store it flat and unfolded, without placing any heavy items on top of it, if possible. 

Our wearable hot water bottle cover can be washed at 30°C. However, we don’t recommend placing the cover in the tumble dryer.

Top Tip: Use our extra long water bottle in winter or summer! Fill with cold water and put in the freezer for 1-2 hours for the perfect cool down accessory during hot summer days!

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