Peachday Menstrual Panties (Medium Flow)

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Peachday period panties give you up to 12 hours of protection during your period! All without the risk of leaks or bad smells. 

The most comfortable underwear ever, offering ultra-effective protection.  Just put them on in the morning and take them off at night. Forget the stress of tampons and the irritation of sanitary napkins. We promise you won't be disappointed! 


  • Internal fabric: the fabric in contact with the mucous membranes is made of 100% organic cotton. Extremely soft and thin, it is highly comfortable, protects against chafing and keeps the skin dry and moisture-free for up to 12 hours.
  • Absorbent part : 80% bamboo viscose, 20% polyester. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, counteracts the development of bad odours and effectively absorbs menstrual flow.
  • Waterproof and breathable part : 100% PUL. The micro-perforations in this membrane allow the liquids contained in the absorbent part to evaporate and avoid leaks thanks to body heat.
  • External fabric : a blend of 96% organic cotton and 4% polyester which guarantees maximum comfort of the underwear.

All fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, which means they are free of harmful substances and safe for the environment. Peachday believes in a sustainable and healthy approach to menstrual hygiene and are proud to offer customers high quality products!

Wash and care:

It's very simple! Once used, rinse them quickly with cold water and put them in the washing machine together with your other clothes! But be careful, there are 3 golden rules as for Gremlins:

  1. Always wash at 30° to avoid damaging technical fabrics.
  2. Avoid fabric softeners and soaps, they can block the absorbent holes in your underwear.
  3. Do not tumble dry, only air dry.
Size: S
Size guide



When measuring, ensure that you measure your hips at the widest part.






Hip (cm)

XXS 4-6 32 0-1 82-86
XS 6-8 34 1-2 87-91
S 8-10 36 2-4 92-96
M 10-12 38 6-8 97-101
L 12-14 40 10-12 102-106
XL 14-16 42 12-14 107-111
2XL 16-18 44 14-16 113-116
3XL 18-20 46 16-18 118-122
4XL 20-22 48 18-20 123-128
Color: Coral

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